CNB announces the second structural repo auction

Published: 17/5/2016

The Croatian National Bank will conduct the second of the four structural repo operations planned for this year on 24 May 2016, with settlement date on 27 May 2016,  a fixed repo rate of 1.8% and date of maturity on 28 May 2020.

The Croatian National Bank will accept as collateral debt securities of issuers from the Republic of Croatia, in all currencies, maturing after the repurchase date, provided the issuer or the issue have a credit rating as a minimum equal to the rating of the Republic of Croatia, according to at least one of the following international agencies: Standard & Poor's, FitchRatings or Moody's. A uniform haircut of 5% will be applied to all securities listed on the List of eligible securities for open market operations. For the purposes of calculating the market value, the Bloomberg price will be used that is applicable at the end of the previous working day and listed on the List of eligible collateral for open market operations posted on the CNB's website.