Certificates issued to 14 software solutions for exchange offices

Published: 1/6/2004

Under the new Foreign Exchange Act all authorised exchange offices are required to use protected computer software in their operations. The Croatian National Bank received 27 offers for development of the said solution via a public tender and reached a decision on the issuance of the first 14 certificates to bidders whose software was deemed in compliance with the set requirements by the Ministry of Finance, Tax Administration.
Certificates were issued to following companies and small businesses: Istra Informatički inžinjering d.o.o., Pula, Micro World d.o.o., Sesvete, Milenij d.o.o., Čakovec, I.P.T. d.o.o., Zagreb, Tetrada d.o.o., Zadar, Cesarum d.o.o., Požega, BASIS (owned by Mladen Domić), Zagreb, Limex d.o.o., Čakovec, Kron d.o.o., Zagreb, Kor d.o.o., Zagreb, PC Shift (owned by Branko Adamović), Rijeka, Sing (owned by Stanko Vunić), Rijeka, and ECSAT informatički inženjering, trgovina i export-import d.o.o., Split. The remaining 13 bids received are still being tested.
There are some 1,300 authorised exchange offices in Croatia with around 2500 outlets which are required to implement the above-mentioned software solutions as of 3 January of the following year.
A comprehensive list and addresses of all software providers who received certification is available to all interested parties on the web page of the Croatian National Bank - www.hnb.hr.