500th Anniversary of the Birth of Marin Držić

Published: 1/1/2017


The Croatian National Bank issued a commemorative gold coin to mark the 500th birth anniversary of Marin Držić, one of the greatest Croatian poets, playwrights and intellectuals whose oeuvre stands shoulder to shoulder with that of the greatest Renaissance authors and has been highly valued among international historiographers and theatre scholars.

Minted in proof quality, the coin was released for sale on 22 September 2008.

Shown in the table below are the number of items issued i packaging.

Denomination Weight (g) Diameter (mm) Fineness/000 Items issued
1,000 7.00 22 986 2,000


The Decision on the issue and sale of the commemorative gold coin "500th anniversary of the birth of Marin Držić" was published in the Official Gazette No. 107/2008, 34/2010, 120/2010, 128/2012, 121/2016 and 109/2017.

The design of the silver coin is by the sculptor Stjepan Divković.

This issue was minted by the Croatian Mint.