12th Dubrovnik Economic Conference opens today

Published: 28/6/2006

Today's presentation by several young Croatian economists, whose work on current economic issues has been reviewed by renowned scholars from world-leading universities and foreign central bank researchers opened the traditional international Dubrovnik Economic Conference on developmental challenges and experiences of transitional economies.

The regular work program of this 12th economic conference organised by the Croatian National Bank begins tomorrow, with participation of many domestic and foreign researchers, representatives of international financial institutions, banks as well as other prominent figures in the world of monetary and financial policy.

Topics on the conference agenda are those arousing interest both in Croatia and in other countries and range from the role of foreign-owned banks and foreign investments in Central and Eastern Europe, bank risks and balance of payments difficulties in transitional economies, the choice of monetary policy to be pursued in the conditions of rapid credit growth and rising share and/or property prices, the choice of fiscal policies in new, old and fragile democracies, to moral consequences of economic growth, and similar topics.

Closing panel round table discussion "Eurozone After the First Eight Years: Lessons for the Newcomers" that will be co-chaired by the CNB representative and the guests from the European Central Bank, the European Commission, the International Monetary Fund and London School of Economics is expected with particular interest.