11th Dubrovnik Economic Conference starts Thursday

Published: 28/6/2005

The 11th international economic conference, traditionally organised by the Croatian National Bank, starts on Thursday this week in hotel Argentina in Dubrovnik. This year's conference, which gathers a large number of world-renowned economists, representatives of monetary and economic authorities from Croatia and several other countries as well as representatives of the most important international financial institutions, will focus particularly on the interrelationship between fiscal and balance of payments deficit and the country's indebtedness, the importance of sovereign debt structure for crisis prevention, fiscal adjustment in the EU Member States, the stability and growth pact from the perspective of the new EU Member States, institution building and growth in transition economies and the performance of M&A's in the European financial industry as well as frameworks for assessing financial stability. The discussions on the estimates of the fundamental equilibrium exchange rate of the kuna and approaches to exchange rate policies of CEE transition economies are also expected with great interest.

The participants of the conference will also hear a speech on the perspectives of EU enlargement, as seen currently by the European Commission.