CNB press releases

Comments on the balance of payments and the international investment position in 2Q 2020

Date 30/9/2020

Comments on monetary developments for August 2020

Date 30/9/2020

New gold and silver coin "350th Anniversary of the Founding of the University of Zagreb, 1669 – 2019"

Date 23/9/2020

CNB Council: At the end of August the amount of international reserves almost reached the level from the end of 2019

Date 7/9/2020

Household Finance and Consumption Survey

Date 1/9/2020

CNB issues Comments on monetary developments for July 2020

Date 31/8/2020

New silver coins commemorating the 25th anniversary of the military and police operations Flash and Storm

Date 4/8/2020

26th Dubrovnik Conference opens on Sunday, 19 July 2020

Date 17/7/2020

Croatia joins the Exchange Rate Mechanism and the CNB establishes close cooperation with the European Central Bank

Date 10/7/2020

CNB Council: Real GDP might fall by 9.7% in 2020, while economic activity is expected to grow by 6.2% in 2021

Date 9/7/2020

CNB purchases RC securities in the nominal amount of HRK 1.316bn

Date 30/6/2020

CNB purchases RC securities in the nominal amount of HRK 2.753bn

Date 29/6/2020

CNB Council: Very high level of liquidity in the financial system

Date 10/6/2020

CNB starts publishing national reference rate (NRR)

Date 29/5/2020

CNB Council: Systemic risks increased in early 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic

Date 13/5/2020