Resolution authorities

Published: 1/1/2016 Modified: 9/2/2016
Resolution authorities are the authorities in each Member State that are empowered to apply the resolution tools and exercise the resolution powers. In addition to the resolution authorities, competent ministries are also designated in the Member States, which are responsible for economic, financial and budgetary decisions at the national level according to national competencies and which have been designated in each Member State as ministries responsible for exercising the functions of the competent ministries.

The resolution authorities that are empowered to exercise the resolution powers and apply the resolution tools in the Republic of Croatia are as follows:

  1. Croatian National Bank as the resolution authority for credit institutions and groups of credit institutions;
  2. Croatian Financial Services Supervisory Agency as the resolution authority for investment firms, groups of investment firms and financial institutions for which it is responsible; and
  3. State Agency for Deposit Insurance and Bank Resolution for credit institutions, groups of credit institutions, investment firms, groups of investment firms and financial institutions.

The Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Croatia is the ministry competent for the exercise of the tasks under the Act on the Resolution of Credit Institutions and Investment Firms.