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CNB Council: New numismatic issues

Date 5/2/2014

Supervisors and bankers meet at the CNB

Date 31/1/2014

CNB sold EUR 240.2m

Date 31/1/2014

HRK 333m of additional liquidity to banks

Date 2/1/2014

CNB Council: Approval of a new member of Karlovačka banka management board

Date 20/12/2013

CNB Council: Monetary policy projection for 2014 adopted

Date 16/12/2013

CNB Council: Reserve requirement rate reduced from 13.5 to 12 percent

Date 28/11/2013

CNB Council: Exchange rate stable, inflation decreasing

Date 12/11/2013

CNB Council: Inflation moderated, exchange rate stable

Date 9/10/2013

CNB Council: Small economic growth in the second quarter

Date 11/9/2013

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