Other instruments and measures

Published: 8/2/2016 Modified: 11/8/2022
In addition to its main instruments, the Croatian National Bank uses the structural measure of minimum required foreign currency claims to implement its monetary policy.

Other instruments and measures serve as support to the implementation of monetary policy through the main monetary policy instruments of the Croatian National Bank. This group also includes measures regulating specific ratios in the balance sheets of credit institutions. Of the instruments and measures included in this group, the measure determining the minimum required amount of foreign currency claims is currently in effect.

Minimum required foreign currency claims

The minimum required amount of foreign currency claims is a structural measure used to maintain the foreign currency liquidity of banks. The amount is currently set at 8.5% of foreign currency liabilities. The banks are obliged to maintain the stipulated percentage on a daily basis, with liquid foreign currency claims being those (with the exception of claims on loans) with a remaining maturity of less than three months.